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US Transportation Industry Overview

Summary of U.S. Transportation Statistics and Insights.  Cost:  $ 250 USD

Significant data exists about transportation statistics, however, most is reported at the mode level and not across the industry. Practitioners, therefore, have difficulty finding a single document giving a comprehensive view of domestic transportation revenues and industry and modal specific issues. This 90 plus page document is presented to provide that cross-modal view. It is intended for the transportation novice and the seasoned practitioner.

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DOT - National Transportation Statistics

Transportation Industry

Transportation Safety by the Numbers

Top Industry Issues

Annual CSCMP State of Logistics Report 


Air Cargo Statistics 2002 - 2010 

Air Cargo

United Nations Review of Maritime Transportation


Top 500 Private Fleets

Private Fleet

Top 100 Trucking Companies


Top 100 Truck Fleets

Top 100 Government Fleets


Chemical Week - Room for Improvement in Chemical Supply Chains

Chem Week's Business Daily - Room for Improvement in Chemical SC's

Chemical Processing - Improve your Supply Chain

Business Wire - Chemical Industry Best Practices Study

Industry Week - Chemical Companies need to Capture and Share Best Practices

Supply Management - Purchasing needs to improve

Supply Chain Asia - Better Sharing and Training in Supply Chain

Logistics Management - Sharing Best Practices, Collaboration and Training

PADD Districts and Fuel Cost Breakdown


Top 100 3PLs

Supply and Demand Chain Executive - Need Formal SC Process

Supply Chain Market - Need to Share Supply Chain Best Practices

Air Cargo World - When Overnight Isn't Fast Enough

When deciding what to do and where to focus, sometimes it is good to have data to support your research. Following are two locations we use on a regular basis where you can get great, relevant information.

Carrier Financial Performance, Economic Data, Regulatory Legislative Issues

US Energy Information Administration – Weekly updates on gas and diesel fuel prices.